Is NIO the new Tesla?
David Triana
David Triana 18 timmar sedan
These high-end VW's are becoming more and more like Audi's every year! Pure happenstance I'm sure...........
Muhammad Hazik Rabbani
Muhammad Hazik Rabbani 18 timmar sedan
It's Way Tooooooo Unfair Race.
Yitzi Margolis
Yitzi Margolis 18 timmar sedan
Oh look a light bar! Just like the Tucson!
Denis Elmazi
Denis Elmazi 18 timmar sedan
Take this car against yani's electric Porsche on a drag race !
Anugrah Krishna Mangalath
Anugrah Krishna Mangalath 18 timmar sedan
@matwatson Buy both Samsung S21 Ultra and iPhone 12 pro max :-)
Pie in the Skye
Pie in the Skye 18 timmar sedan
Just can't get over how droopy that front end looks
Rasmus Svaneklink
Rasmus Svaneklink 18 timmar sedan
Mr11ESSE111 19 timmar sedan
Nissan wants to bancrot as soon as possible ir have shitty sale in EU when they dont have diesel engines and sane thing is with toyota and other japanese companies which sake are pretty shitty in EU and even Škoda have bigger sale in EU then this all companies combined
Ethan 19 timmar sedan
i like apple but idk about you.
Jonathan Deinhard
Jonathan Deinhard 19 timmar sedan
Ist there really a lack of 350kW chargers in the UK? In Germany you will find more high Power chargers along the Highway than 50kW ones.
JakeQwi 19 timmar sedan
Number 1 most stolen car in the UK.
Simon Ward
Simon Ward 19 timmar sedan
Sorry Matt, can't agree with you about the colour. Does the paint job come with vomit bags?
Nicholaos Mclennon
Nicholaos Mclennon 19 timmar sedan
Wicked challenge..lolo Yanni is jokes..keep killing it Matt👊🏾
Loic Stephan
Loic Stephan 19 timmar sedan
Again the assessment is partially wrong no electric car is competing against Tesla at this point. That is not the game. They are competing against any other ICE
Ginger för en dag
Ginger för en dag 19 timmar sedan
Milos Tipsarevic
Milos Tipsarevic 19 timmar sedan
Audi won the break test
Manav Lakhani
Manav Lakhani 19 timmar sedan
Wait. It's 4 years ago and says 2020? Hulk : Time Travel!
C Galhano
C Galhano 19 timmar sedan
2 very different cars no point in racing them with each other.
Yang Yang
Yang Yang 19 timmar sedan
demon next race: ascari vs skyper
Aryan Bhan
Aryan Bhan 19 timmar sedan
This is the best looking Ferrari
Yang Yang
Yang Yang 19 timmar sedan
George C
George C 19 timmar sedan
the b58 is a remarkable modern engine that has won the International Engine of the Year award for 2020, 2019, 2017 and 2016
C C 19 timmar sedan
ugliest A5 :( ...where is the beautiful 2007 design?!?
Floris Klaver
Floris Klaver 19 timmar sedan
"I'll tell you what's cool, this big light bar across the back'' Mat reviewing the new Hyundai Tuscon: EW, a light bar across the back.. how unoriginal..
KainSwiss 19 timmar sedan
Ugly purple colour that is Blue I guess.
Jamie Meadows
Jamie Meadows 19 timmar sedan
The dramatic lemonade histopathologically match because morning pharmacokinetically grip apropos a bashful periodical. alleged, third layer
Thomas k
Thomas k 19 timmar sedan
Just Me
Just Me 19 timmar sedan
Germany wins! Lol
Hamza Khyal
Hamza Khyal 19 timmar sedan
ITs A beautiful Car💯💢
Black Scorpion
Black Scorpion 19 timmar sedan
The exhaust is a joke
Kasper Zwijsen
Kasper Zwijsen 19 timmar sedan
please race with a bmw m5 e39
Stop busting my balls
Stop busting my balls 19 timmar sedan
I think you guys need to realise that even matt has his biases and opinions and that’s just part of being a journalist
Phaseryo 19 timmar sedan
My little brother is a vegetable - will he fit under that net by any chance?
Max dcard
Max dcard 19 timmar sedan
Esse cara realmente nao tem graça, essas palhaçadas dele é sempre um Deslike, nao me canso disso!! única coisa que presta no vídeos sao os carrros incríveis!!!!
MrBasinator 19 timmar sedan
Maybe try the pure electric mode for drifting as that's RWD only
Artur Bento
Artur Bento 19 timmar sedan
This color is just terrible. 🙃
mike muk
mike muk 19 timmar sedan
Is carwow available in South Africa ?
SaintJuly 19 timmar sedan
1:18 i laughed so hard at this bit right here
VUKAROV 19 timmar sedan
Andres Esko
Andres Esko 19 timmar sedan
@Matt 5.50 you mentioned 7-speed atm. I doubt in this. All W213 have 9-speed 9G-Tronic’s or 6-speed MT
Siraaj Din
Siraaj Din 19 timmar sedan
We need a r34 gtr NOW
Fathima Mazara
Fathima Mazara 19 timmar sedan
We need to test this car in a drag race
Brahim Ab
Brahim Ab 19 timmar sedan
كلامك سريع جدا ومتهور
Raghu Veer
Raghu Veer 19 timmar sedan
Tesla has the worst interiors. I don’t get why they’re priced so much, when german rivals offer much more for the same price
HIro SHIII 19 timmar sedan
Yang Yang
Yang Yang 19 timmar sedan
thats shhhhhhhh
Dalan Christensen
Dalan Christensen 19 timmar sedan
Race a 2014 Mercedes E63 s vs a 2014 SL63. Ive wanted to see this race forever
Aaron Tormey
Aaron Tormey 19 timmar sedan
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 19 timmar sedan
“Like a dying ox.” 😂😂
MrBasinator 19 timmar sedan
I LOVE the back
Leon economidis
Leon economidis 19 timmar sedan
Don't get an iphone
ROBLOXLEGEND XD 19 timmar sedan
eew the tail lights and the rear does not look nice.
Thisew Handunpathirana
Thisew Handunpathirana 19 timmar sedan
I think it is the M5
Red Zone
Red Zone 19 timmar sedan
I have one with the 2 litre petrol engine. It is not thirsty :), between 6-7 litres per 100km, 165hp. And has a great sound when accelerating.
Arnold Clarke
Arnold Clarke 19 timmar sedan
How is this the same price as a new 12 metre RV Mororhome? How?
DITTy 19 timmar sedan
G won't a drag race💪
Jake .ski
Jake .ski 19 timmar sedan
Gents - any idea how to elegantly fix a GoPro on the steering wheel the same way as it's done by Matt & Carwow ? Tried hard finding a stable but small enough GoPro holder but no luck...please help 🙌
dennis 19 timmar sedan
its so damn ugly wtf
Red Panda Gaming
Red Panda Gaming 19 timmar sedan
puke green. Disgusting
Yash Karve
Yash Karve 19 timmar sedan
if the mclaren had all wheel drive the porsche would have ben dead
Jay J
Jay J 19 timmar sedan
explanation why the old english was so grumpy in the video. its sorta typical snob working class reaction over reasonable cost market which they used to rely on.
gamaro channel
gamaro channel 19 timmar sedan
Lamborghini svj
ryan owen
ryan owen 19 timmar sedan
Looks like a kia from back
Sherwin DCruze
Sherwin DCruze 19 timmar sedan
The drag race win reminded me off CARS
Anirudh R
Anirudh R 19 timmar sedan
Mat ur in milton Keynes, can u tell red Bull to be kind to their driver, PLS.
Shaival Sharma
Shaival Sharma 19 timmar sedan
Neil Taylor
Neil Taylor 19 timmar sedan
Lovely car 😍😍 Disgusting colour 🤢🤢🤮🤮
Thomas Emler
Thomas Emler 19 timmar sedan
and if you install the Sports exhaust, the screen in the dashboard (at 12:02) should only show the two pipes instead of the four pipes that come standard.
Marin Berndt
Marin Berndt 19 timmar sedan
wow what a great car!!!!
gridaz69 19 timmar sedan
Had the exact same Citroen c2 vts in blue also! Left hand drive of course though
Adam Wallace
Adam Wallace 19 timmar sedan
When you were blowing the horn to make people look! 📯😂
PeA n HaM sOoP
PeA n HaM sOoP 19 timmar sedan
Get an iPhone
Thomas Emler
Thomas Emler 19 timmar sedan
I'd love the standard spoiler of the 911 C, CS, C4, C4S and Targas instead of the big fixed-and-fold-up one bolted onto the Turbo.. maybe with a little lip like with the GTS versions of the 991 generation... and the two piece rear brake light integrated in the engine cover. that is just so much more pleasing to the eyes, way cooler and unique..
Devanand Naik
Devanand Naik 20 timmar sedan
Audi has paid him lot of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kacy 20 timmar sedan
I think your camera guy messed up when he calibrated his camera. I'm seeing purple.. check your tinting
Gavin Rolston
Gavin Rolston 20 timmar sedan
Is it just me or did the 'log of truth' suddenly become a stick when it cut to a close up shot? 🤔 On another note, Matt could you do a comparison on hot hatch prices over the past 20 years. I remember when the Civic Type R came out in 2001 the price was about £16k 😬
Mark B
Mark B 20 timmar sedan
giveaway for your old s20 ultra?
Mark B
Mark B 20 timmar sedan
dont upgrade your phone lmao, the s21 is literally the same phone.
Megalospathi 20 timmar sedan
It's like carwow never heard of Rimac......
Laker Nation
Laker Nation 20 timmar sedan
Porsche is always that quite kid that does something interesting at the end.